Monday, April 21, 2014

Food and Music Festivals in Chicago

Chicago hosts a myriad of festivals for locals and rental bus tourists to head to and have fun. The most popular ones are music festivals and of course the great Taste of Chicago food festival. Chicago is always holding one festival or another, so this would be a great addition to your travel plans. Who doesn’t enjoy a festival?

The Taste of Chicago

For food lovers and festival goers, good news for you! There is a festival in Chicago that celebrates food that will leave charter bus visitors satisfied to the core. The Taste of Chicago is the largest food festival in the world, held in Grant Park, Chicago. Annually held in mid-July, this festival offers not only food related events, but other entertainment such as live music on multiple stages, film performances and rides.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Different Types of Bars in Downtown Chicago

If you are around Chicago downtown area or is staying in theWit Hotel in The Loop area and hunting around for the best bars in Chicago, check out ROOF which is one of the best bars and rooftop lounge and club in Chicago.

ROOF on the theWit

20 N State St., Chicago, IL 60601
Featuring a lit-up fireplace, the ROOF offers a venue for a warm respite and friendly atmosphere to its visitors. Chicago bus charter visitors come here to chill out with friends and family because of its cozy atmospheregreat drinks and a long list on their menu. The place is particularly popular during winter as long lines are to be expected. On some days, they have LIVE shows on, and it is always a warm welcome. The house DJs are experienced and have a good repoire with loyal customers.
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Isn’t Cloud Gate One of the Most Touristy Thing in Chicago?

Anish Kapoor is probably one of the most distinguished artist and creator known to the sculpting and designing world...and Chicago’s lucky enough to be one of the cities that he has contributed to in the form of Cloud Gate. Cloud Gate, or better known as The Bean, is a centerpiece that took the world by storm when it was first introduced. It is the first public outdoor artwork that was installed by Kapoor in the United States.

What is so unique about Cloud Gate a.k.a. The Bean?

First off, Cloud Gate, the elliptical sculpture that stands out from afar, weighs a whopping 110 ton and is made out of pure stainless steel (in order to withstand all-year harsh weather).
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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chicago - A Wide Assortment of Bars and Clubs

Chicago’s residents are big on games...big supporter of sports and they will go to no end to support their favorite teams, so, when these games are playing, don’t be surprised that all the bars and clubs are filled to the brim and you are having trouble trying to find yourself a spot in the bar. The thing is, you don’t have to be fan of baseball or basketball or even soccer to enjoy the loud, enthusiastic atmosphere. Their cheers are sometimes amusing and entertaining in itself. Today, Chicago is the country’s third largest and most populous city.
And speaking of bus company Chicago bars, we have quite a few recommendations for you. Lucky for you.
First off, it would have to be one of our favorite one - RiNo, a sleek, chic and modern outfit that features 80’s flashback music, retro sounds, a huge drinks menu and a good mix of people. One of the things we really love about RiNo is the relaxed atmosphere and unique vibe. The setback would have to be a hefty cover charge that is required after a certain hour. If you want to skip that cover, bring your Bus Company Chicago group of travelers over here a little earlier. There are usually some special gimmicks going on in order to boost atmosphere so, check their website out to see the latest game or promotion going on.
Another hot favorite with our bus company Chicago charter bus rental customers is the unassuming Fulton Street Lounge located in West Loop. The funny thing with the outfit is its location. Located right smack in the middle of rows and rows of warehouses can be quite disconcerting but once you step inside, all of you worries and concerns will melt away. There is a reason for the location, of course, because the bar serves as a gathering spot for the workers who are looking for some downtime after work without having to drive to the even-busier downtown district. It is all about basic, minimal decor and we absolutely love the open concept because there could be loads of people in the bar and yet you don’t really feel that it is too cramped up.
On Lincoln Park, we have another hot bus company Chicago favorite - D.O.C. Wine Bar. Here, things are a little classier and more will be mingling around with some wine aficionados, for sure where stories and experiences are shared amongst each other very freely. The sheer number of quality wines is incredible, to say the very least.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Crown Fountain

Located at 50 South Michigan Avenue, Millennium Park, Chicago, the Crown Fountain is an unusual place to visit. If you already have plans to visit a few interesting places in a Chicago rental bus, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the Crown Fountain too. It is just within a short walking distance from “The Bean”. In fact, you can also kill two birds with a stone during this visit by going to the The Bean too, after you have seen the Crown Fountain.

If you plan to stop by the Crown Fountain first before you walk over to The Bean for your trip in the Chicago rented bus, please remember to let the bus driver know so that he can drop you at the nearest point to the Crown Fountain. Should this be your first trip, you may want to know that the Crown Fountain is actually two blocks of identical towers with LED lights showing a person’s face. The faces on the towers face each other and would seem like they are having a conversation. It is a rather unusual piece of art that some have actually called it a modern Gargoyle. It has also been said that a thousand locals were asked to sit for a minute and then at the end of the one minute, they were to purse their lips. Their images were then used on this LED lights display – by slowing it down to three minutes and when the image purse its lips, water then sprouts out from it and it would look as though they were spitting.
This is a great place to bring the family, especially the kids on a hot day for them to relax and cool down. Be sure to bring a change of clothes if you intend to bring the kids here to enjoy watching the display “spitting” water of out its mouth and it goes right into a shallow pool where you find many visitors keeping themselves cool in it on a hot day. Kids can’t help but to play with the water that comes out of the display, hence getting wet is quite inevitable. On hot sunny days, this is a favorite spot for the locals as well as visitors from near and afar. You can’t miss finding this place and if you came in a Chicago charter bus, you can be sure that the bus driver would know the place very well.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Willis Tower, Chicago

Looking for some adventure on a special date with your girlfriend? Or rather, are you looking for an exciting wedding proposal venue? Then you should really consider planning a trip on a rented Chicago bus to the Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower) with your girlfriend and make your wedding proposal a special one – right on top of the tower (well, almost right at the top, that is), on The Ledge – glass balconies that extends over 4 feet outside of the building, which definitely makes your wedding proposal a memorable one!

It is understandable that when one is in the midst of planning a wedding proposal, there is just so much you have in your mind; hence, let the Chicago bus rental company take care of your transportation needs to the Willis Tower. That way, you can plan your wedding proposal without having to worry much about how you will get to the venue with your beloved girlfriend.

As you get down from the Chicago rental bus with your girlfriend, you will be standing in front of a 110-storey building right in the heart of Chicago and not only is this one of the tallest building in the world, it is also considered to be a magnificent icon that is impossible to be missed. Located on the 103rd floor of the building, the Skydeck Chicago is the observation deck where it welcomes about 1.3 million tourists yearly. If you happen to be there on a beautiful clear day, you will get to see over fifty miles in every direction of the city. One of the main attraction of the building is The Ledge, which is a 4-glass boxes that extends 4.3 feet outside the Tower – just the perfect spot for a wedding proposal, if we may add!

One way to keep yourself calm and cool before you pop the question to your girlfriend would be to take the tour of the building itself. Discover the reasons of what makes this building such a popular tourist point of visit and learn about the rich history of Chicago and culture through video presentations as well as interactive touch screen activities and exhibits. Be sure to capture the memory of the trip with a picture taken with the sculpture of the building. And finally, as you approach The Ledge, that would be the perfect moment for you to step out to the glass balcony, get down on one knee and bring out the ring to propose to your unsuspecting girlfriend!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Chill out at Hungry Brain

The weekend’s coming and you know that you and your friends have been talking about trying out at a local dive bar – but which one should you go? How about checking out “Hungry Brain” – well, the name may sound a little scary and perhaps a tad too “zombie-like”, but trust us, you will not get eaten up by zombies at this place! And since you are going to be chilling out with drinks, make it a safe outing with your friends by renting a bus to Hungry Brain.

Rent a bus, gather your friends and tell your bus driver to take your party gang to Hungry Brain – a local dive bar located at 2319 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 in Roscoe Village neighborhood. The place is open daily – from 8pm till 2am (Mondays through Fridays and Sundays) and from 8pm till 3am on Saturdays.

Upon entering the place after you and your friends get off the Chicago rented bus, you will quickly notice that they have a Pacman machine placed near the stage but take note, the machine only accepts 5’s and 1’s only – so be sure to have plenty of those handy, as the game can be quite addictive! Other than the Pacman machine, they also have some other arcade games machines available. Oh, and they have a jukebox in there too, with a great variety and genre of music – you will surely find something you enjoy listening to – but you may just have to dance at the spot where you are at because they do not have a proper dancing floor, unfortunately. At least you get to choose the kind of music you want to listen to compared to other pubs or clubs where the DJs are the one choosing and spinning the songs all night long – whether you like them or not.

Unlike some of the funky pubs that you and your friends may have visited, at Hungry Brain, it is almost like a place where people just come in, have some drinks, chat and make new friends, then go home. Like any local dives, there would always be some interesting characters to see – especially when it is what it seems to be “comedy” night, where you will have funny people telling jokes, some funny and some not so.

Hanging out at Hungry Brain could be a change of scene for you and your drinking friends. The drinks are not expensive and the crowd – different, yet friendly. Who knows, you may even make some new friends (we hear that there’s this tamale man who comes in every night) at Hungry Brain before you hop on the rented bus to go home.